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Programming Tool for S7-PLCs: In order to program the Siemens PLC-control series S7-300 and S7-400 efficiently and comfortably, IBHsoftec provides the software S7 for Windows®. This software can be combined with S5 for Windows® or runs stand alone. With S7 for Windows® the entire Simatic S7-300 and S7-400 PLC-control series can be programmed. The complete S7 instruction set is im-plemented in the presentations Statement List (STL), Function Block Diagram (SFC) and Ladder Diagram (LAD).

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Of course all online-functions are implemented. The new operational concept of version 7 has been developed on the basis of the newest cognitions in operator guidance. Block lists and symbolic tables for example can be arranged freely, they can be drawn in any order from the main window onto a second screen and can be faded out automatically from the main window, in order to gain more space on the screen. The presentation of the module parameters has been adjusted as well.

With S7 for Windows® the entire S7 instruction set can be shown in the representation STL (Statement List) in status view. Thestatus operation is also possible in the representations Function Block Diagram (SFC) and Ladder Diagram (LAD). Furthermore variable views and symbolic tables are integrated in the status window. All installed interfaces capable of connecting to a PLC are displayed in the online view.

All STEP7-projects can be edited directly without im-/export. Archived STEP7-projects can be opened directly. All write accesses on the PLC can be prevented with a password protection. Signals (operands) traceability is possible. Cross-reference over complete I/O modules and hardware or module diagnostics is also possible. The print preview and the forcing of operands are implemented as well. The conversion from S5- to S7-programs has been optimized. Saving of complete S7-projects on a memory-card is also possible (CPU dependent).


Version 7 contains S7-Simulation and the comfortable block comparison (BlockDiff). The functions of S7 Doctor for automated troubleshooting are integrated as well. The S7 for Windows allows a fully automated debugging in the running PLC program. Compared to the classical debugging the S7 for Windows performs all the tasks required during debugging and returns the reason for the stop in plain text. In contrast to conventional diagnostic tools, no special adaptation of the PLC program is necessary.


The OsciCAM® allows to analyze motion processes through synchronisation of previously recorded videos and process signals. Recorded videos can be shown synchronously to process signals and a recorded block status of the PLC with time stamp.

With the Statusrecorder, dynamic procedures can be explored by subsequently analysis of the block status frame by frame. The Statusrecorder logs the block status and shows these with time stamp, permitting subsequent changing between the presentations STL, CSF and LAD.

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