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Weather-compensated flow temperature control of 2 independent heating circuits with or without room influence, d.h.w. heating and demand based boiler temperature control (like RVP360). RVP361 without LPB communication for standalone applications.

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Types of plants:
− Heating zone
− Heating zone with district heat connection
− Heating zone and d.h.w. heating with own heat generation
− Interconnected plants consisting of several heating zones each
with 1 heating circuit and integrated d.h.w. heating

• Types of buildings:
− Residential and nonresidential buildings

• Types of heating systems:
− All types of standard heating systems, such as radiator, convector,
floor and ceiling heating systems, radiant panels

• Types of d.h.w. heating systems:
− With storage tank
− With electric immersion heater and solar collector

Heating circuit control

• Weather-compensated flow temperature control
• Weather-compensated flow temperature control with room influence
• Weather-compensated flow temperature control, valve installed in the
primary return of a district heat zone (only RVP34..)
• Demand-based control of the boiler temperature (only RVP35..)

D.h.w. control

• D.h.w. heating with coil type storage tanks and charging pump (only RVP35..)
• D.h.w. heating with electric immersion heater and solar collector (only RVP35..)

Other functions

• Optimized heating up and setback
• Automatic heating limit (automatic ECO function)
• Frost protection (building, plant, and d.h.w.)
• Year clock with automatic summer- / wintertime changeover
• Autonomous scheduler programs for space heating and d.h.w. (only RVP35..)
• Limitation of maximum rate of flow temperature increase
• Digital input for remote control of operating mode
• Communication via LPB (Local Process Bus, only RVP340 and RVP350)
• Pump kick
• Relay and sensor test
• Remote control via room unit

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