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IMAporter Patron with NFC and Bluetooth


Open your door with a single tap using a unique NFC or Bluetooth identification system.

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The NFCporter system replaces contactless ID cards with an NFC mobile phone.

Just connect the NFCporter reader to your current access control system, download our free identification app and enjoy the advantages of mobile identification.

If you do not have an access control system installed yet, NFCporter is able to work in standalone mode to control a single entrance.

Function and connection of NFCporter

The NFCporter system is designed for maximum compatibility with current access control systems as well as the most frequent identification cards standards.
It is therefore prepared for installation at places where most people still use contactless cards and ensures the parallel functioning of both technologies for an unlimited period of time.

From the viewpoint of any access control, attendance or other superior system the identification via mobile phone is identical to identification using a contactless card. All you have to do is exchange the readers and NFCporter takes care of everything else.

The user identification is as easy as tapping the NFCporter reader with a mobile phone. The user ID is transferred within a second.

The ID is then passed on to a superior identification system in order to validate the user rights and unlock the entrance. All communication is carried out at the same speed as when using a contactless card.

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